Nancy Stanchfield is a contemporary impressionist who, according to Bonnie Ganglehoff of Southwest Art, “creates intriguing mixed media pieces.” Painting with acrylic, the bulk of Nancy’s work is done in mixed media where she incorporates a variety of found papers and charcoal. Her brilliant atmospheres are teeming with frivolity and a joyful patina of life. On her early awareness of color, Nancy recollects:

I was just five when Dad painted our kitchen ceiling that glossy peach, the color of a robin’s breast; I can still remember how warm and happy it made me feel inside. Glowing nightly above our family’s kitchen table, the painted ceiling lured my innocent eyes upwards and more than once, so immersed in the beauty, I actually tumbled backwards off my stool. To this day that color seduces me with its inviting glow.

Nancy was born in Eastern Washington. A self-taught artist, her art career spans thirty-five years and includes work in textiles, graphic art, interior design, color consulting, and fine art. Nancy has exhibited her work in California, Oregon, New Mexico and Arizona.